Life is full of change.

It happens to us all! We change our homes, our schools, our jobs, our friends – even our clothes, hair and taste in music.

Changes helps us try new things and meet different people.

  • Sometimes change is expected. This means we know it’s coming and that it might affect us.
  • Other times change is unexpected – this can feel scary as you can’t prepare for it as much.

As a child, many things in your life may change out of your control.

This can be tough to understand and deal with.

Change is an extra thing to think about on top of your normal life. Here are some tips to help look after yourself when things are changing:

  • Follow your normal routine – not having to think about what to do next will help put your mind at ease
  • Try to spend some time outside or with your friends and family
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Take time to relax during the day
  • Talk about how you are feeling to someone you trust

Change is part of life, so being able to cope with changes is a really important skill.

If you are finding this hard, there are plenty of services available to help you.