The level of need is growing for our service, unfortunately resulting in longer waiting times to be seen. Our current waiting time is 36 months from the date we receive a referral.

We sincerely apologise for the delay as we understand the frustration this may cause and the impact it may have. Whilst you wait for an appointment for an assessment, there are lots of support and resources available that may meet your child’s and family’s needs and challenges.

You can find further information about useful resources via these links:

Our usual practice is to inform you, in writing, that your child has been accepted on to our waiting list. During your wait for an assessment, we will contact you regularly to reassure you that your child is still on our waiting list and as soon as an appointment becomes available we will let you know.

We would appreciate every effort being made to attend your appointments. If they are not suitable, please inform our team on Tel: 02921 836789 so the appointment can be offered to someone else. By doing this, you will play a big part in improving our waiting times and help us to meet our commitment to providing the best and most timely care possible.

To help us focus our efforts on seeing children and young people on our waiting list, we would be grateful if you could only contact the service if your child’s presentation changes significantly. As we are sure you will understand, to ensure fairness, we generally do not move a young person up the waiting list or see a young person sooner. We will only consider seeing a young person sooner if there is a high-risk clinical need which has been confirmed by an appropriate professional.

Your patience and understanding during this challenging time are greatly appreciated.