Keeping active is very important.

It keeps you healthy and can help keep your mood up.

There’s a type of exercise for everyone, from playing sport, dancing, to walking to school every day.

Find an activity you love – exercise can be really fun!

The great thing is all exercise counts – even getting off the bus a few stops early helps.

If you have a medical reason to avoid certain exercises, ask your doctor for help.

Why is keeping active important?

  • It helps you stay fit and healthy
  • It is a way to try something new and exciting 
  • It can be a way to make friends 
  • It can be fun and make you feel good!

We should all try to take at least half an hour of exercise every day.

How can I be more active?

There are lots of things you do every day that can be swapped for something more active:

  • Try skating, cycling or riding a scooter instead of getting in the car or bus
  • Play a game with your friends instead of video games
  • Try a walk or cycle to relax instead of watching YouTube
  • Go outside with your family and friends instead of a boring weekend at home

What if I don’t like exercising?

Keeping active is very important, but it can be hard to get started if you’ve never done it before.

We’ve answered some common questions and fears about exercise below:

Try exercising at home! You can have a shower or a bath when you’re done.


You could also try  gentle exercise like walking so you don’t sweat so much.

There are lots of activities designed for children you can do at home to build your confidence.

Try joining a beginner sports team. Everyone is learning together and it’s a great way to make friends!

Exercise and worry

There may be medical reasons for you to be worried about starting to exercise.

Speak to someone you trust or your doctor before starting to exercise more.

  • You can tell them what you are worried about and what is important to you.
  • They may be able to suggest activities you can do safely.

Some children and young people worry about about how they look or how much they weight, and worry if they feel they are not doing enough exercise.

If this is a worry for you, we suggest you talk about how you are feeling to someone you trust.