We all feel anxious or worried sometimes. Anxiety is the feeling you get when you’re worried or scared about something.

It is normal to feel worried when big changes happen in your life, such as starting a new school.

These feelings can be a problem if they don’t go away and make it hard for you to do the things you enjoy, such as any hobbies or seeing your friends. This might make you feel sad or low.

How does it feel?

Anxiety or worry can:

  • Feel upsetting and hard to stop
  • Feel very strong and last for a long time
  • Make it hard to breathe, make you feel sick or give you a headache
  • Make you stop doing things that make you feel worried
  • Make it hard to sleep
  • Make it hard for you to do the things you normally enjoy doing

These feelings will affect people in different ways.

How can I get help?

Here are some things you can do to help with feelings of anxiety:

  • Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling
  • Write down or draw a picture showing how you are feeling
  • Try some of these activities to help you feel better
  • Ask for help online from our list of recommended websites