Bullying is behaviour that harms someone else.

It can make you feel alone and worried about doing things you usually enjoy.

But you are not alone. Other people get bullied too, and there are plenty of people to talk to that can help you.

What is bullying?

Bullying can include:

  • name calling
  • making people feel bad about themselves
  • deliberately leaving someone out
  • physically hurting someone
  • and more.

Bullying can happen anywhere – at home, at school, in your community, or even online.

Whether it happens just once or all the time, bullying is very upsetting for the person being bullied – and it can happen to everyone.

No one has the right to bully you. Every child should feel safe and supported no matter what.

What can I do?

The best thing you can do is tell an adult you trust, like a family member, carer or someone at school (like your teacher).

It can be really hard to tell someone, but it can help you a lot. Go to our page on starting conversations for tips.

  • You can also contact a helpline for immediate help (see the bottom of the page)
  • The Children’s Society have a list of advice for dealing with bullies. This helps both if you are being bullied and if you see it happen to someone else.

What is someone else is being bullied?

If you see someone else being bullied, try to think about how it might make you feel if you were being bullied.

  • Perhaps you’d feel really sad, or scared, or alone.
  • Try to reach out to them and include them in things. It could really help them and make them happier.

If you think someone else is being bullied, it is right to report it to someone you trust. You should not get in trouble for this!