17 July 2024
Virtual Session

About the Session

The aim of this session is to encourage an understanding of the difference between ‘Meltdowns’ and ‘Goal Directed Behaviour’ and suggest some strategies about how to manage them both. We will explore triggers that may result in a meltdown, along with the different stages that a meltdown usually follows. After developing an understanding of this, we then go on to discuss how best to support the meltdown at home, out in the community and in school.

About Behaviour Support Hub

Behaviour Support Hub was established in 2014, with the main aim of empowering parent carers who have children with autism/ADHD or on the pathway for the diagnosis. Led by parents who all have children who are neurodiverse, for parents, we aim to support those accessing our service to understand their child’s needs and challenges and give them strategies to positively support the child.

To book your place please use this link

If you can’t make it – the presentation will be available to watch on this page of the Autism Wales website a few days following the session

Please note: this session is for parents & carers only