Mindfulness means choosing to pay attention to what is happening in the moment. It is a chance to take a break from your worries and help you feel more in control of your emotions.

Mindfulness is something we can all do. It’s free and you can do it anywhere!

All you have to do is take a few minutes to stop and notice how you are feeling. This includes anything felt by your body, any thoughts you’re having and how these make you feel.

Noticing and accepting what is happening right now is a great starting point.

Here are some techniques that you can try for yourself:

  • Focus on breathing by counting the number of ‘in’ and ‘out’ breaths – start with “I am breathing in 1, I am breathing out 1, I am breathing in 2…” and do this until you reach number 10
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Think of one thing you are grateful for, and keep this image in your head. Do you notice any feelings that arise when you’re thinking about this?
  • Use your senses to ground yourself – focus on one sense at a time. Think about 5 things you can see. Think about 4 things you can hear. Think about 3 things you can smell. Think about 2 things you can touch. Think about 1 thing you can taste.
  • Try some of our other recommended mindfulness resources

If you’ve given any of these a go, then congrats – that was a mindful moment! How do you feel?

Doing this as often as you can during the day can help you get to know yourself and your mind better. Even 10 – 20 seconds can really help!