Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health are hard words to explain because they mean different things for different people.

Having good emotional wellbeing or mental health usually means that someone is happy, healthy and safe, but can also include things like having good relationships with other people, a sense of purpose, and feeling in control of your life.

Having good mental wellbeing and health does not mean that we always feel happy and content. Everyone has a balance of feelings, both good and bad. Our feelings change day to day and are affected by what happens in our lives. Looking after our mental health helps us to cope with life’s ups and downs.

If bad feelings are constant and make it hard for you to do normal things like going to school or being with your friends, we can help you better understand the challenges you’re facing.

Life events that we can’t control can negatively affect our mental health and wellbeing.  We all react differently to things because we have all had different experiences.

Our teams will also help make your problems feel more manageable. They will teach you skills and techniques to better prepare you to face challenges in the future.

It is possible to get better from mental ill-health, just like how you would heal after a broken leg.

Your emotional wellbeing and mental health is very personal to you. No matter what is going on in your life, our Emotional Wellbeing & Mental Health teams are here to support you and help you to reach your goals.